Prophetic Destiny

It’s our nature to rebel against our destiny. It’s God’s nature to overcome us. – See John 16:33

Reading again the stories of Sampson and John the Baptist, in the gospel reading today, reminds me at this time of year just how important PERSONAL PROPHECY can be to the welfare of nations. When man rebels against his calling, he’s not just choosing his desires to triumph, he’s tampering with Divine assignments and destinies of many peoples and nations. God’s plans will not be overturned. Once He has decreed a thing it shall come to pass. Though it may appear that war ensues against the flesh to see it through, man in some ways is not his own. When all the Universe is colliding to bring you to your appointed path nothing can stop it. However messy it is until you do is up to you. Just look at Sampson (Judges 13-16).

That’s why I love this time of year to reflect on Jesus and John the Baptist. Here we see two babes chosen from the womb to fulfill a destiny only God’s hand could guide them to. They could’ve rejected it. They could have told their parents they were crazy for telling stories about who they were and what they were born to do, but they didn’t. Instead of rebellion they chose acceptance. Humility instead of pride. Their PROPHECY was a calling card to their family and a sign unto their nation but their acceptance of it made it PERSONAL because they realized it was theirs to obey and only they could see it through. They chose obedience instead of selfishness. And they became the righteousness of God because they became His Glory!

Today fills me with hope. Hope that we have a Father who loves us and who is faithful to fulfill His promises. Hope that we can Trust Him and His ways. Hope that even though we may live in a world of fallen flesh we can overcome it and live lives of holy obedience. Hope that no matter how much mankind may try to thwart it, God is watching over everything to bring us into a Divine eternity with Him.

What’s clear about the CHOSEN ONES seems to be a pattern we can trust in: they are called from before their birth, they are implanted with a Divine Spirit held together by the Divine’s Vow to protect them as they walk this life (this is not their vow to God but God’s vow to them), and they will have all the supernatural gifts and power they need to fulfill their calling so long as they partner with the Living God and do not run from Him, seeking their own will above His. In a season where we give gifts to each other, God reminds us He has given us each gifts of His own.

Even if it’s hard for you to relate to Jesus on account of his divinity, John is proof we need not be more than human to fulfill our destiny. We need only to be filled with the Holy Spirit! (Read The Story of John: Luke 1:57-89)

This is why I love Christmas, because the Scriptures tell us something even Greater than John has come (John 3:30) – and he must increase! And his birth we celebrate each Christmas Day.


True Love has Come! He is here – Immanuel.

Today, take it easier than you usually do and reflect on Jesus’ birth. Try not to dwell on all your prayer requests but rather lay them at his crib. Just for this one day, relax, and let Jesus take care of you. Instead of giving, choose to receive His gifts and let Him reveal the prophecy He has given to you.

Christmas Blessings!

Until the Day Dawns,

❤️ Kim

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