PICK UP YOUR OAR AND ROW! (a prophetic word)

When I was praying in the Spirit, I began to sing, and then I noticed that my hands were moving in a back and forth motion like one who is rowing a boat.  Suddenly, I had vision of Pocahontas in her canoe, rowing and singing, the wind blowing strongly around her and beckoning her to

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(I can’t get no) Satisfaction…

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I wish it were that simple…Even if I could cook, which I can, but don’t because…well, keep reading. Lately, I’ve become intent on finding the right formula that would result in the perfect marriage (for all the single folks out there, this applies

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The Prostitute Tamar: A Woman of Great Faith?

“And he did not sleep with her again.” Genesis 38:26 I’ve always thought it interesting how many people can read this story of Tamar and Judah and have no trouble believing at all that the “harlot” Tamar was never touched again, nor bore any other children than her twins, but yet so many cannot believe

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